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Dr. Eric Arias


Dr. Brent Kimball


Dr. Larry Lee


Dr. Matthew Mian


Dr. Mark Robinson



Work on my back was excellent!

“Dr. Robinson's work on my back was excellent - incision healed well. His demeanor put me at ease and his staff was/is always friendly and courteous.”

Thomas Kelly


Dr. Robinson is awesome

“Very nice facility & staff. Dr. Robinson is awesome!!”

Robert Franken


The Best Surgeon you could ask for

“Dr. Mian had the task of informing me of my brain tumor back in Sept 19'. After a couple of very informative office visits, he set out to extract a tumor from a very sensitive area next to my brain stem. After a 9.5 hour procedure, and about 10 days in the hospital I was sent home to recover. Just passing the 3-month post-surgical time frame now, and things are going very well. I wanted to personally thank Dr. Mian, and his entire staff/team for EVERYTHING. Everyone involved was super nice, attentive, and most importantly seemed to do everything right. This was a huge moment in my life, as I'm sure it is with most people... But Dr. Mian made everything feel normal, subdued, and even comfortable... I have 100% confidence in his abilities, and anyone going through this sort of thing should breathe a little easier knowing that you have him on your team. 100% Professional, personable, friendly, and extremely knowledgable about anything and everything we threw at him. I could not be happier with the entire experience, and my overall situation now. 3 months ago I did know how to walk in the hospital. Last week I actually played a little drop in Ice Hockey... So again... THANK YOU, for giving me my life back. I will never forget everything you did for me.”



Dr. Kimball will find the best treatment for you!

“I suffered from constant back pain for a period of two years. I went to a chiropractor with no positive results, and doctors that used a probe to kill certain nerves in my spine again with no results. During that procedure the doctor indicated that I had significant disc damage at L2-L3. As the procedures gave no positive results, I determined to find a surgeon that could repair the damage. In my research I found that there were two possible methods to repair the damage. A large incision across my stomach and a second in my back (layman’s term “being gutted”) or something called minimally invasive surgery where a small incision is made on my side and two small incisions are made in my back. The literature indicated that this method would be less painful, heal faster and have less chance of infection. The literature indicated that it takes a specialist with advanced training to undertake this method of repair. Dr. Kimball MD, a neurosurgeon, of Front Range Spine and Neurosurgery, who practices at Sky Ridge Hospital in Denver came with very high recommendations. He examined me and determined that I was a candidate for the minimally invasive surgery. The surgery took 4 ½ hours. When I awoke, I was given a self-administered morphine drip that I maxed out the first night. I was then given oxycodone for the pain from the surgery. My back pain was completely healed. I was in the hospital for 3 days in a double room. My roommate had similar surgery the day before me, but got “the gutting” procedure. When I was up and about and getting ready to leave the hospital, my roommate could barely move and they were talking about being transferred to a rehab center. Within 10 days I was off all pain meds and pain free. Physical therapy is to walk 1 to 2 miles per day and in a month start walking in a pool. While I realize everyone isn’t a candidate for minimally invasive back surgery, I would recommend Dr. Kimball as a doctor to visit before agreeing to a “gutting”. He will find the best treatment available that causes the least stress to your body.”

John Merritt


I feel comfortable and confident that I am receiving the best care for my serious spinal condition.

“Dr. Kimball is very articulate and complete in his communication of his diagnosis and the treatment options. His staff is friendly and diligent. I feel comfortable and confident that I am receiving the best care for my serious spinal condition.”



Please know how much I appreciate and respect your efforts.

“What does one say to a man who single handedly gives you your life back? Where does one even start? "Thank you" just doesn't seem to sum up the appreciation. For 25 years, over half my life, my back has hurt. After my first surgery, I was broken. The first L4, L5, S1 surgery nearly broke me. I wasn't the same person. I have been an athlete my entire life and after the first surgery, everything I did, every step, every outing, every vacation, every daily life task, had to be planned around my back. My quality of life wasn't even a life. The first surgery scarred my heart, messed with my mind, broke my body, and almost stole my soul. Then, I met you. The first time I met you, I said, "You're a runner." For me, being a runner was my salvation, but I didn't get to do that after my first surgery. Running for me made my whole life better! Since you are a runner, I figured you understood my love for it and I figured you know exactly how it can fix everything. Running clears the head, releases the stress, and you're free from everything for that hour that you get all to yourself. You took my hand and stared me right in the eyes and you said, "I can fix you. There's no reason you should be in kind of pain for this long. Something went wrong on your first surgery." My bad back has been my biggest cross to bare. There hasn't been one single day, not ONE day, in 25 years, that my back hasn't hurt. It was worse after the first surgery. I cannot believe that God gave me the one wish I wished for ..... to be pain free and for my back to be fixed and for me to be the athlete I always was. God put me in Colorado and a year later, I met you. Even though my confidence isn't fully back, and even though my body still cheats, I am GREAT and YOU made me better. You gave me my back - back to me. You fixed me. You literally changed my life by making me "ME" again. There isn't a gift to give that is big enough to express my appreciation and my gratitude for what you have done for me. I know, this is your job, this is what you went to school for, but "WOW," you gave me life again. You gave me MY life back to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I know you worked extra hard, scraping the arthritis and I know you have made sacrifices to have this as your career. Please know that to me, I can honestly say, "You are the ONE man in my life who has had one of the biggest influences on me." You gave me my spirit back, my soul back, my mind back, my heart back and you did all this by fixing my back. Please know how much I appreciate and respect your efforts.”

Lorelle Porter


My family is so grateful for you and all that you do!

“Dear Dr. Kimball, In February 2014 you treated my mom with a ruptured brain aneurysm. And then she had another elective clipping of another aneurysm in June of 2014. I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I appreciate you and all that you did to save her in that time of darkness for our family. My mom is the most important person in my life, and during that year, I was absolutely terrified of the “what ifs”. My mom on the other hand felt confident and comfortable in her situation because of you. Thank you for being so great to her and giving her the care she deserved. Every night when she prays she thanks God for her second chance at life, and she thanks God for you. You are her real life hero, and mine as well. There are not enough words I can say to show the gratitude I have for you and all that you did to help her. I am getting married in a month, and I am beyond happy that you saved my mom’s life and that she can attend my wedding because two years ago the fear came over me and I thought she would not be here to see me get married. Again, thank you for all that you do to help others, and specifically I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for her. My family is so grateful for you and all that you do! Please remember that you made such an amazing impact on my mom and our entire family. All my love and gratitude.”

A Grateful Daughter


If I had to give a name to Dr. Kimball, it would be "Magician"

“I had a fistula in my spinal cord. My lower legs and feet were semi-numb, I could barely walk without holding onto something for support. My balance was badly impaired. Dr. Kimball surgically clipped the veins inside my spinal cord to relieve pressure on my nerves. Can you imagine how steady one's hands have to be to do that???? A year later, I am walking steady, all my prior symptoms are gone, my balance is restored. He is a doctor I would recommend to anyone facing these issues. You can trust him to be caring, sympathetic, and humble. Truly a magician!!”

Carol Werner


Extremely supportive and friendly!

“3 weeks post op doing great! CarePoint Staff is extremely supportive & friendly and always meets our needs! Thank you for taking such superb care of your patients.”

Gareth Davis


The atmosphere was warm & welcoming.

“The staff are all very friendly and courteous. The atmosphere was warm & welcoming. I would highly recommend CarePoint Neurosurgery to any family and friends”

Amanda Porter


Dr. Mark Robinson Thank You for giving me my quality of life back

“In the past 3 years I have experienced two debilitating injuries from a past Coast Guard accident. These injuries really affected my quality of life and severely limited me in my day to day activities. Being 47 years old and going from a very active lifestyle to intense pain and barely being able to walk was a shock to say the least. Dr. Robinson identified the issues and presented a solution to my injuries as well as a clear path forward in a way that I could understand. Dr. Robinson conducted a ACDF of my neck and then a ALIF for my lower back and I could not be more satisfied with the results. I highly recommend him to anyone that might be experiencing Spine issues like mine. Thanks to him I am now living the life that I had before and I am on my way to a full recovery. There is no real way for me to express my deep appreciation for what you have done for me and my family. Thank you so much.”

Matt Nichols


With aggressive rehab, I returned to work within 2 weeks!

“I was having episodes of Vertigo & Felt Faint, but also have Neurological issues so I Researched to find Dr. Kimball. He ordered the necessary Scans and found a Small Tumor in the Center of my Brain Towards the Bottom. He explained a Biopsy was required, but it could involve risks. It was in a very sensitive area. My husband & I went home & discussed the risks and then called Dr. Kimball's Office a few Days later to schedule the Biopsy procedure. Before I was anesthetized, I looked over @ Dr. Kimball and said I totally Trust You, Let's Go Get This! With aggressive rehab, I returned to work within 2 weeks! I Totally Trust Dr. Kimball. He is an Expert in Neurological Medicine. I will be utilizing him for my forthcoming Neck & Spine Surgeries.”



I would like to thank Dr. Kimball for all his hard work!

“Today marks the first year anniversary of my brain surgery. I want to thank you for your hard work during my 15 hour surgery and for your exceptional care. I believe you saved my life and at the very least, allowed me to get back to living a normal life. Thank you Dr. Brent Y. Kimball!”



“It’s been a year since my back fusion and I am so grateful to Dr. Robinson!”

“I highly recommend Dr. Robinson. I had some complications when having back surgery and Dr Robinson went above and beyond to get me back on my feet. Today I just hiked for over 2 hours never thought I would be able to do that again! Thanks Dr. Robinson!!”

Deidra Ward


Very skilled and super nice to boot!

“Dr. Robinson cured my leg pain - very skilled and super nice to boot! His staff is very competent, courteous, and fun.”

Nancy Smith


Their professionalism, knowledge and compassion was most appreciated in a rough time.

“In an emergency situation we were patients of Dr, Brent Kimball at Skyridge Medical Center . Sean McGee the PA for Care Point Neurosurgery was in our to visit us immediately upon admission at around 5:00 P.M.. By 11:00 that evening , Dr . Kimball stopped in to explain my husbands diagnosis and treatment plan . Their professionalism , knowledge and compassion was most appreciated in a rough time. We feel so fortunate to have been in their competent compassionate hands before and after surgery.”



Brent Y Kimball is very intelligent, considerate, caring and a truly gifted surgeon!

“Brent Young Kimball (neurology) is very intelligent, considerate, caring and a truly gifted surgeon! Dr K is really a genius! The full replacement at C4 & C5 was a PERFECT fit, alleviating all shoulder, arm, and finger pain almost immediately! The change is (already) amazing! Dr Kimball (and staff) never "talked down" to anyone - neither did he apply any pressure. He cares. Thank you Dr. K, for the great experience, and quality work you have done for my cervical spine. THANK YOU SKY RIDGE! All-in-all this was a highly successful, beneficial surgery, and I'm VERY grateful for Sky Ridge et al!”

Heather Combs


Dr. Eric Arias Neurosurgeon at Swedish Medical Center in my opinion is on a fast track to a place in Heaven.

“Dr. Eric Arias Neurosurgeon at Swedish Medical Center in my opinion is on a fast track to a place in Heaven. Although God has found a place for this special soul, his task in life is the preservation of countless souls health here on Earth. Along side today's technology, Dr. Arias' personality, bedside manner, and professional manner is what makes Swedish Medical Center the only place one should turn to when a stroke has made life a battle! Along with his supporting cast of Outstanding Nurses in the Neuro ICU unit on the 4th floor, to the recovery unit on the 7th floor is a winning combination!”

Dale Martinez/Joetta Escobedo


Professional, cordial, and informative

“From the front office staff to the RN/HCP, everyone was extremely professional, cordial, and informative. Sean's kind approach in explaining the issue at hand and simplistic explanation of the treatment plan put us all at ease. Most especially, I am visiting from out of state and Carla was able to squeeze me into the schedule immediately due to the nature of the injury.”

Andrew Kearney


...changed my life and gave me my life back. My mobility continues to improve.

“Dr. Kimball initially told me "we can fix that" when he took a look at my MRI. Little did I know that he not only "fixed that," but changed my life and gave me my life back. My mobility continues to improve.”

Kay B.



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