Denver Stroke Treatment Options

When the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced, a stroke occurs. It is a medical emergency that needs immediate treatment to minimize brain damage and complications.

If you notice any signs of a stroke, seek immediate medical attention. To determine signs, use the FAST method:

  • Face: Is one side of the face drooping when the person smiles?
  • Arms: When asked to raise both arms, does on drift downward or unable to rise?
  • Speech: Is his or her speech slurred when the speak?
  • Time: Time matters. If you see any of the above, call 911.

The type of stroke that occurred will determine treatment. For an ischemic stroke, blood flow must be quickly restored. For hemorrhagic stroke, emergency treatment focuses on controlling bleeding and reducing pressure. In order to recover function and live independently, after-emergency treatment is needed.

Contact Carepoint Neurosurgery & Spine today to learn more about our Denver stroke treatment options and to schedule a consultation.

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