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Spinal Cord Stimulation with Dr. Mian

One of the common clinical scenarios I encounter as a neurosurgeon is a patient who has persistent and severe pain in the back or the legs after a previous surgery on the spine. This is sometimes referred to as “failed back surgery syndrome,” and it occurs in about...

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Fusion vs Replacement with Dr. Serak

The spine is made up of a series of joints which are composed primarily of a disk which can degenerate over the course of time due to the fact that it's moving. Arthritis and general wear and tear can occur and eventually, the disk can break down. When this happens,...

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Meningioma with Dr. Arias

The normal anatomy of our head starts with the hair and scalp on the outside, the bony skull below, and then the brain on the inside. Between the skull and the brain there is a thin layer, called the dura. The dura acts like a bag that encases and protects the brain....

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