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CarePoint Neurosurgery and Spine

Neurosurgery located in Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood, Lamar, Greenwood Village, Parker, Wheat Ridge, & Yuma, CO


With nine locations in Lone Tree, Englewood, Castle Rock, Denver, Colorado Springs, Parker, Yuma, Lakewood and Lamar, Colorado, CarePoint Neurosurgery and Spine is a leading provider of specialized brain and spine treatments in Colorado. 

The team of experienced surgeons provides patient-focused care, involving each patient and their family in decision-making. Their compassionate and relatable approach to patient care and education helps patients feel empowered and confident about their medical care. 

CarePoint Neurosurgery and Spine focuses on motion preservation and helping patients get back to their regular activities. Using minimally invasive procedures and advanced robotic technology, including xvision™, Artemis™, Globus Medical, prodisc®, and activL®, the team provides spine surgery and brain surgery. 

CarePoint Neurosurgery and Spine is committed to delivering the best possible care. Patients with back pain, spinal disorders, and neurological issues have access to state-of-the-art care.  In addition to accepting most insurance plans, the staff engages with insurance providers to ensure the physicians can do what’s best for each patient. 

Consultations are available by calling the nearest location. 


Our surgeons provide treatment plans for a wide range of neurological conditions involving the brain and spine. They emphasize patient education, enabling patients to fully participate in the selection of treatment plans. They understand the questions and concerns you have and treat you - the person, not just the patient. We strive to offer appointments 24 to 48 hours after new patients have contacted the clinic by calling or requesting an appointment online.


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XVision Spine System

A new augmented reality (AR) surgical guidance technology called the Xvision Spine System allows our surgeons to actually “see” your spine in 3D through the skin during spinal implant surgery.

Similar to a real-time GPS, “see-through” vision guided surgery lets your surgeon know exactly where to place the implants in your unique anatomy, and it is bringing a new standard of personalization and care to the operating room. The Xvision Spine Systemis different from other image guidance systems as it keeps your surgeon’s focus directly on you, rather than a distant screen that displays your anatomy.




Call Now To Request Your Appointment

Call Now To Request Your Appointment

Cerebral Aneurysm with Dr. Arias

An aneurysm is a small balloon that forms on a weakening wall of a blood vessel. It is estimated that about 2 to 4% of the world’s population have cerebral aneurysms. Cerebral aneurysm diagnoses are becoming more common as they are found when...

Brain Tumor Surgery with Dr. Arias

Surgery for brain tumors involves general anesthesia which means the patient is completely asleep for the entire procedure. In some cases, the patient will be woken up during the surgery for monitoring the area of the brain that is being operated on.

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